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Anger is Never Removed, But Should Not Consume You

Anger. It is the one emotion that induces Hate and generally forces one to dish out Pain.

Look I get it. We all get mad. Things upset us. Hell I myself can have quite the temper. Threaten me. Put my love ones at risk. Lie, cheat, try to hurt me. Yes I’ll get angry. So I’m not one to sit here and preach and say you can fight through it and avoid anger. Oh I know many of you can, not me. Instead I approach it as a controlled emotion.

I often provide myself logic to help me with control. I do like many of the world’s perspectives of how to deal with anger. See I accept that there are people out there that thrive on hate. I accept that there are people whom are selfish. That there are people whom really don’t care if they hurt anyone or feel like they have to lie or be dishonest to get ahead in life.

See I firmly believe that some people can’t change. Leopards and spots. Some of these people can spin or put up a great fake façade and make you think they are someone that they really are not. Who hasn't been duped by this dolts? But the point is... should they win? Should they be allowed to "beat" us into anger?

So it's important to recognize these types of people in our lives can cause not just pain, but a lot of anger. But we must also realize there is so much wasted energy in anger. It sucks the life from your soul and de-focuses one on all of the wrong things in the world. What is anger? It is simply the one thing that will completely throw off the “true North” of your Personal Compass.

Now I don’t believe one can be without anger. Those of you that can, God bless you. You are a much better person than I. But I do believe I can do better than just blowing up or lashing out. So as I deal with my anger events, I like to have a saying or statements that can level set the world, temper my anger and remind me to move on. Anger is not something to do, but something to move on from. It is critical to remember these people whom I should steer clear of. One of these trusted statements are:

Never Forget 3 Types of People in Your Life

1 - Who truly helped you in your difficult times

2 - Who left you in your difficult times

3 - Who put you in a difficult time

The key is to remove anger as much as possible. However, I absolutely believe that one should never forget the past and individuals or actions that caused you pain. What I have learned through my life is that when you look at these “losses” in your life you will find that many of these events have a common theme. Thus, the above phrase is one that I ensure I remind myself of these people. It is vital to know the people in the world who can be absolutely awful “landmines” in your overall happiness.

I’m not a traditionally negative individual. But I have been around the block a few times. I’m not perfect. Never will be and sadly I still continue to make mistakes. That’s life. However, I refuse to engage and surround myself with past individuals whom have shown that they are #2 and #3 on this statements list.

Anger is unhealthy. Controlled anger and a good memory, along with a willingness to not repeat past mistakes will always ensure your Personal Compass will not be misled on pointing true North...

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