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Life's Curve Ball - Regardless I'll Go Down Swingin'

I personally have always felt that life is like a game of baseball. It goes nine innings. Even though one does not think of it as such, it really is a team sport. Don’t think so… you clearly have forgotten your family and loved ones.

This game of life will be filled with ups and downs. Key moments for big decisions. Possible disappointments. Thrilling moments and then a final score. And though it is just one game, with an outcome of victory or default, it is only one game. Life is the baseball season. The one game is just one of many chapters in our lives. And as if you were playing baseball, you would want to have fun doing it, make a different in your community and teammates and obviously win more games than lose.

See we all have wins and losses. None of us will ever play the “perfect” game, or have a blessed enough life that we go “undefeated”. So just as in sports, we all must learn to deal with losses. And as in sports, when you lose, you must analyze and assess why you did. You might decide to change something to get different results, but in the end, we all will have a choice after a loss.

Thus, life will throw you a curve ball and if you are not proficient at hitting a tricky curve ball, you will most definitely swing and miss. You swing and miss enough in life you will lose more than you win. You lose more games than you win, well then life obviously will be very challenging. It is at this point when you realize in your life that things are not what you truly want, or are not going quite like you expected that you have a choice.

This is where I believe setting one’s Personal Compass is vital. The balance is critical. You must ensure the formula contains and accounts for ALL elements for the result of happiness. Do not be stuck. Do not allow yourself to be stuck. If you don’t like where you are at, change it. If you don’t like how you do or approach things, make it different. But no matter what you do, when you are at the plate, awaiting life’s next pitch at that moment on your overall timeline… SWING. Swing hard. Do not just sit there and watch that tricky every so pesky curve ball come in and fool you just one more time.

See if you commit to changing yourself, you will be only cheating yourself by not swinging with all of your might. You made an investment to change so don’t cheat yourself. Swing mighty. Swing hard. Swing with all ton of power because the fences for home runs are far. And guess what? If you miss, that will be okay. You will have tried and not cheated yourself of effort. Just drop back, calibrate, adjust, check your compass, dust yourself off and get ready to swing again.

Why? Because the next pitch is coming. Life doesn’t take breaks and therefore you need to ensure that with each pitch you are not just half-assing your swings. Always swing with gusto and a confidence -- if you miss, your Personal Compass will have you ready for the next pitch. Trust me, when you swing hard and make contact with life’s pitches, you will find a smile on your face and an uptick in your soul.

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