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verzasco dam


1 Run with Bulls

Pamplona, Spain - Jul 7-10 2017

Here.  We.  Go!!!  This is a traditional "Bucket List" for most people.  For me it has always been something I was intrigued by.  Third largest celebration in the world, massive drinking, 1 ton animals that easily outrun humans with their hooves and sharp horns running on narrow slick cobblestone streets.


Seriously what could possibly go wrong?

2 Visit Africa

TBD - South Africa

Safari, Wildlife Ranch, Great White Conservation

3 Olympic Ski Jump

TBD - Park City, Utah

Okay, so maybe it is missing the snow, skis and cold weather, but I'm gonna opt for the water landing.  Sure Eddie the Eagle gave me hope that I could actually accomplish this, instead I'll take path that won't slow my Evolution down with a broken bone or two!

4 Chase a Tornado

TBD - Midwest USA

As a kid growing up in Kansas City tornadoes are not scary to those of us that grew up in the Land of Oz.  I can remember crawling up on the roof of my house with my Dad looking for tornadoes as the air raid sirens blared.  This time instead of looking, it will be time to hunt them.

5 Dive with Whale Sharks

2018 - Cancun MX

Diving with a huge fish is always fun. Especially if they can technically swallow you.  Only thing you have to avoid is being directly in front of that huge mouth!

6 Bungee Jump Macau Tower

TBD - China

Now the highest jump location in the world (Royal Gorge I'm still not happy with you).  Looks like some Chinese food will be in my future if I'm gonna notch the number 1 location as part of the Evolution

7 Bungee Jump Verzasca Dam

Switzerland - Jul 1 2017

If you love James Bond movies you'll remember this place.  He jumped off the 2nd highest structure in the world at the start of the movie.  I'll do it as well and try to be half as cool as he was

8 Bungee Jump Ponte Colossus

Italy - Weather Cancellation

Milan ends up being one of the pivot point locations as we jump the Verzasca Dam and run with the bulls.  So why not hit the 11th highest structure in the world, Ponte Colossus... Spartacus and Caesar ain't got nothing on me

9 Live in the Mountains Alone for a Week


Maybe it is a desire to get in touch with my inner "Naked and Afraid" or "Alone" reality TV self.  Still the thought of roughing it and seeing how to survive in the mountains sounds fun.  Time of the year needs to be determined... thus no bear hibernation time here

10 Dive with Sting Rays

TBD - Cayman Islands

A beautiful location for a fun and exciting experience, but things can and do happen with these little water disks

11 Exploration Arctic/North Pole


Fun with Polar Bears

12 Sumo Wrestling

TBD - Japan

Me vs. the immovable force... no literally it's like a big human boulder

13 Visit a Mysterious Ancient Site


There is something about the thought of visiting a mysterious site full of unknowns and things that one can not easily explain

14 Dean's Blue Hole Dive


Dive into the abyss

15 Cross a Desert


Definitely a physical and mental challenge.  Nothing too exciting for me to be hot, thirsty and covered by sand when there is no sea or oceans close by.

16 Hike to Base Camp of Mt. Everest


Though the days of climb Mt. Everest are probably gone, why not make it to Base Camp and cheer the next group on...  with an oxygen tank

17 Throw a Dart at a Map and Visit the Country it Lands On


If you know me you know I love games of chance.  Las Vegas and me have an ongoing love affair so why not blend a little chance with a little travel?

18 Challenge a World Champion


Ahhh the excitement of taking on a world champ.  Best case scenario, have a 90+ mph fastball blow past me or a monster drunk posterize me.  Worse case, a boxing match or karate match.  


Stay tuned

19 Live on a Deserted Island for One Week


Hey you can't just do it in the mountains. Why not do it like the age old story of being stuck on an island after a shipwreck a la Gillian's Island?

20 Dive with Great White Sharks

November 2018

My love of the water, big fish and things that can eat you.  No it's not my place of work, but it will be a good break from the day to day grid that is for sure.  


Perfect timing with the movie release 47 meters.  My friends won't stop yapping about my trip now!  Double checking the cables that suspend the cage... or not

21 Exploration Antarctica

Antarctica, Falklands, South America

Penguins... who doesn't like penguins? Honestly probably the coolest animal on the planet.  My childhood belief was cows and penguins were aliens that were plotting to overthrow the world.  Let's go see what these little guys are really up to

22 Jump Stratosphere Tower

August 25th, 2017

Jumping off things is becoming a habit for me.  After jumping some of the world's biggest structures, this 855 ft (260 meters) jump is definitely not a shorty, but it is a decelerator descent.  


Still at that height and reaching velocity of 40 mph it will keep me off the Blackjack tables for 60-90 minutes.

So what happens in Vegas won't stay there for me... it will end up on this site!

23 H.A.L.O. Jump

Memphis, TN - Oct 23, 2017

Can't be an astronaut so this will have to do.  Cruise on up to 30,000 feet, put on a oxygen suit and throw yourself out of a perfectly functional airplane... with temps in the minus 20/30 degree level I won't be wearing a t-shirt and shorts that's for sure.

24 Wing Walking

Seattle, WA May 2018

Heading to Seattle and one must always be thinking about their career.  In today's world, one can never feel too safe in one's job.

This is why I've decide to join an elite group of individuals that have the skills to wing walk on an airplane.  And no, this is not "wing riding", this is wing walking.  Yes crawling around on the plane at 3,500 feet vs. standing on it.

Look for me at your local county fair or nearest air show should my real job not work out!

25 Olympic Bobsled & Skeleton Runs

Whistler, CN March 2018

Never had any Winter Olympic sport aspirations, but if Ski Jumping is on the list, why not add a little bit of bobsledding and the little known skeleton sled riding.  Time to pull some "Gs"!

26 Bungee Jump Europabrucke

Innsbruck, Austria October 2018

At 192m it is time to add another jump site to the list so this will be the 5th highest location in the world.  Just a simple train ride down from Oktoberfest in Munich to Innsbruck and as simple as falling off a bridge!

27 Dive with Sand Tiger Sharks

Tampa, FL - Dec 9 2017

Elves and Sharks can it make for any more fun of a Holiday event?  

28 CN Tower EdgeWalk

TBD - 2018 Toronto, Canada


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